Life Without Jules

New England's worst fears came to life Saturday morning when Adam Schefter confirmed that Julian Edelman tore his ACL.


Relax, It’s NFL Preseason

Anyone else feel like preseason twitter is insufferable? This year it seems worse and I am not sure if it’s because people are really believing things they are tweeting or if they are trolling with their nonsense. Preseason is (Say it with me) an EXHIBITION. Preseason is meaningless to anyone other than those in position... Continue Reading →


JAY CUTLER TO THE DOLPHINS! When I think the AFC EAST is a joke, it now becomes that much easier. I guess you can add another quarterback to the list of trash that Richard Sherman went on a rant about. If you have not read it, he went to name all of the QBs that... Continue Reading →

Danny Paycut

He has been known to step up whenever (Julian) Edelman can’t be on the field he takes that role and plays very well in it.

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