BREAKING: Unfortunate And Somewhat Saddening Information Has Surfaced About Josh Gordon’s Abrupt Step Away From Football

He went out, he had a good time BY HIMSELF, but he always drank water. Always. Then on this past Thursday, a bartender inside the restaurant witnessed a cocktail waitress do something that is totally out of the ordinary for when Josh is in the spot. She served him alcohol. Don Julio 1942 to be exact.


No, Julian Edelman Never Sexually Assaulted A Woman Despite What Clown Ass Social Justice Bloggers, Like MONICA HUNTER-HART, Write.

Can you imagine if we convicted people based on accusations. Man, we would all be in prison for life. People like this clown are here to remind us that desperation, jealousy, and the absolute desire for people to pay attention can drive people to dig up accusations and use them as implied fact in order to feel better about themselves.

Jordan Poyer’s Wife Liked A Tweet Calling Tom Brady A “Pedophile Version Of The Joker”. RIP Jordan Poyer.

Honestly, its not even his fault. I almost feel bad for him. This dude is probably at home minding his own business right now as I write this. His Instagram model wife hasn't even told him about it. She's in the other room while he's watching MNF. Poor dude is going to be wondering why he's got 74 targets on Sunday with post routes straight up the field.

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