Meet the two newest Red Sox: Alex Verdugo and Brusdar Graterol (Maybe)

 So, how about that trade huh?? The Red Sox did what we all knew was coming and actually traded former MVP and generational talent Mookie Betts, along with David Price to the Los Angeles Dodgers. While everyone, myself included, thought the Sox were going to be getting a ridiculous haul of prospects including the likes... Continue Reading →


Rafael Devers entering the MVP conversation

Coming into the 2019 season would you have ever thought that third baseman- Rafael Devers would be a frontrunner for American League MVP? I didn't think so. Yet, here we are in the middle of July talking about how this kid just won't stop hitting homers and 100+ MPH line drives.

Some Surprises of the Summer for the Boston Red Sox

With the up and down 2019 year of the Boston Red Sox, there's a sense of unimaginable success that has come along with the failure. Sure, the bullpen isn't as good as we want it to be. In fact, it's very bad. But with that lack of success comes a whole new unimaginable success of some stars that we may not have seen coming at the beginning of the season.

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