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Make the NBA Playoffs Great Again

The 2017 NBA Playoffs, some of the most anti-climactic basketball I’ve watched in my life. This year, the gap between the top teams and the rest of the field is laughably massive. While the Cavs are the two seed in the East, they’ve mad every team they have […]


With last night’s Red Sox vs. Yankees game getting postponed, my excitement and anxiety has now been stretched an extra day and I am now on the level of being like a kid on Christmas day. When I look at these two teams playing each other, it instantly […]

The Start/Merge

How did The Pass Line start?  How did we become WTP PL Guys? When I initially came up with the idea of “blogging,” I didn’t really think it would go anywhere. Sure I mentioned it to my friend Brandon as we were sitting on our normal lunch hour hangouts and seeing countless […]