What is “Parkball Heroes?” (also now on Apple Podcasts)

If you haven't been listening to WTP's NBA podcast Parkball Heroes then you have been missing out on possibly the greatest basketball show of all time.


Preview of the 2017 MLB World Series

Kershaw has finally improved his career postseason numbers this year, and has proven he can pitch in big playoff games. Unless he completely tanks and can’t find his stuff early, which, truthfully I see no chance of that happening, the Dodgers will win Game 1.

The Patriots Are Back

The long-awaited Super Bowl rematch finally came on Sunday Night Football. It was undoubtedly a huge test to see where this Patriots team stands against good teams, and they didn't disappoint, winning 23-7. The Patriots defense has been a weak link so far this season, but this game proved that they have figured things out.... Continue Reading →

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