Teacher gets arrested for hitting student. News takes opportunity to twist story

Hi. It’s me again, Sheehan, and I’m here to preach about the truth!

On November 2, a video was released on Twitter of a student and a teacher that got into an altercation, which has now gone viral. The video shows the student getting up in the teacher’s face and continuously verbally attacking him while using vulgar language. As the video progresses, the student continues to talk to the teacher like he is less than dirt. Now, in a situation like this, you expect something to happen, right? (CUE FIREWORKS) The teacher had enough of the student disrespecting him and began to assault the student. You might be thinking, “this teacher is immature, irresponsible, and should never be able to have a job again!” Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

If you were properly taught morals—to respect your elders and treat someone as you would like to be treated—then this would’ve never happened. BUT, since a high schooler wants to act tough and like he’s higher than someone who is trying to TEACH HIM ABOUT LIFE, then, in my opinion, he deserved it. Yes, it was wrong to hit the student. BUT, understand where the man was coming from. He grew up in a generation where this was not seen as a negative, but rather as positive reinforcement. He also grew up in a time where respect and morals were taught, and if you were taught it at home, well you’d learn at some point.

The thing that truly angers me about this whole situation is CBS Los Angeles News completely TWISTING the story and perceiving it as the teacher’s fault, along with making him look like the bad guy. I HATE situations like this because the news will always try to find a way to fit the story into their own agenda, rather than doing what their real job descriptions are, and telling the truth.

I know the truth will come out for this poor teacher. To the student who went at the teacher, GROW UP AND LEAN A THING OR TWO ABOUT WHAT THE REAL WORLD IS LIKE. To the student who came up from behind the teacher and began to hit him, SHAME ON YOU, instead of diffusing the situation, you made matters worse and embarrassed yourself.

I have my reasons for defending this teacher. If it was a different story I’d hope all Hell would break loose on the man, BUT since he was trying to stand up for himself and put someone in his place, I stand by his decision.

If you disagree with me, well, sorry to tell you but the generations before my time all knew their place, and knew if they EVER disrespected someone higher in authority than them, they would learn the consequences.

This has been my Ted Talk, goodbye.

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