The aLcS iS a TrAp: Red Sox Are World Series Bound

“Do Damage.”

That is the Boston Red Sox slogan for this postseason. Meant to hype the team up and get them ready for games, not meant for opposing teams’ fans. Not only did the Red Sox take care of the Yankees in four ALDS games, they just took down the defending World Series champion Astros in five, and in impressive fashion, winning the last three games in enemy territory. Houston fans joined New York fans in having to watch the Sox celebrate on their home turf. This reporter has to eat his words on this one: the ALCS isn’t a trap, making the Red Sox play you at home is.

The Red Sox are heading to the World Series for the first time since 2013, and are looking like the favorites in this reporter’s eyes. The Sox don’t seem to be backing down and playing on the road doesn’t seem to faze them, either. Sweeping the Yankees and the Astros at home is not something to be taken lightly. The Yankees were 7-0 at home going into the Red Sox series and now sit at 7-2. The Astros seemed untouchable all postseason until the Sox got involved. Everything is clicking for this “Do Damage” club and that should also strike fear into the Brewers and Dodgers.

Hitting and Fielding

All season long, the Red Sox have been superb with their hitters and it has carried over into the playoffs. After a 3-run double in Game 2, a grand slam in Game 3, and a 2-run homer in Game 4, Jackie Bradley Jr took home the ALCS MVP award; nobody could have seen that coming back in June or July when he was barely batting .160. JD Martinez continues to prove he was the best offseason pick up, and Mookie Betts has thrown his postseason woes away. The rest of the team follows. Steve Pearce was the sleeper grab the Red Sox didn’t think they would have needed, but his bat in the lineup is just as scary as the rest, especially against the Yankees. Young boy Devers put one into the stands last night for three runs, and Andrew Benintendi has been nothing short of amazing. The gloves for the Sox have been Gold Glove as well. We all know Benny’s catch to end Game 4 and if Steve Pearce’s play at first is not recognized, then the sports world is failing. Every stretch and glove action he has displayed has been phenomenal.


Going into the postseason, pitching was something that Red Sox fans feared would hurt them, it hasn’t. Chris Sale, Nathan Evoldi, Rick Porcello and even David Price have been amazing for the Sox. Price pitched a gem last night, helping send them to the World Series. The Red Sox bullpen has given fans a little bit of blood pressure rises but they have been able to close out games with no damage. Sox fans have much to look forward too as Chris Sale will start game 1 of the World Series and it will also be his first World Series as well.

Going forward, the Red Sox look unbeatable. The only thing that could keep them from the ring is the bullpen, something that has been brought up before, but so far has been so good, with only two earned runs total between Barnes, Brasier, Hembree, and Kelly. If Craig Kimbrel can get his bases-loading woes out of the way, the Sox will surely bring another title back to the city of Boston and fans will have something else to add to their argument that Boston is “Title Town.”

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