The Best Throws from Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is the NFL MVP. Get it? Got it? Good.

In just his second year, the young gunslinger put up one of the greatest seasons ever by an NFL quarterback, with numbers rivaling all-time greats such as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, and Aaron Rodgers.

During his amazing season, Mahomes made some of the most ridiculous throws and plays that you’ll ever see. Throws that have earned praise and jealousy alike from his fellow quarterbacks. Throws that had opposing defenders shaking their heads in disbelief.

As the Chiefs prepare to take on the Indianapolis Colts in the Divisional Round this weekend, let’s look back at the top ten throws made by the soon-to-be NFL MVP this season.

Shoutout to Seth Keysor for most of these video clips. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for more excellent Chiefs content.

Honorable Mention: Number 50

This list wouldn’t be complete without the touchdown throw that capped a record year for the young gunslinger. While not his best, it was still a great ball to Demarcus Robinson, who backed Mahomes’ 50th touchdown into the end zone with ease.

10. Threading the Needle

Demetrius Harris has a reputation for dropping a lot of passes over the years in Kansas City, but he snagged this bullet from Mahomes, who perfectly threaded two Raider defenders for the score (while on the run too).

9. (Pretty Much) Converting on 2nd and 30

When it’s 2nd and 30, a drive is pretty much dead. Unless, of course, your quarterback is Patrick Mahomes. With Bronco defenders chasing him down, Mahomes delivered a beautiful strike off his back foot to Robinson. The Chiefs would convert for the first down on the next play.

8. The First of Many

The young gunslinger started the season off with a bang. With pressure in his face, Patrick Mahomes sidearmed a bullet to hit Tyreek Hill in stride. The Cheetah did the rest and got Mahomes his first ever NFL touchdown pass.

7. Perfect Deep Ball

Friendly reminder that this article is about Patrick Mahomes and not Kareem Hunt. While running for his life, Mahomes tossed a perfect deep ball to the former Chiefs’ running back, who took it in for an easy six.

6. Going Lefty

This was one of the first clutch throws of Mahomes’ career. Von Miller had him dead in the water, but Mahomes saw Tyreek Hill standing all alone and cleverly lobbed it to him with his left hand. Hill picked up the first down and Miller couldn’t believe it.

5. Running Out of Room? Bitch, Please

A throw like this proves that when it comes to Patrick Mahomes, a play isn’t over until the ball is on the ground or in hands of another player. He was a foot away from being out of bounds, but somehow, still got the touchdown. Incredible.

4. Sidearmed to West

How? Mahomes sidearmed this ball with perfect accuracy across his body while on the run. Just how? This is one of those throws that very few quarterbacks will ever be able to make.

3. The No-Look Pass

I know you’re probably thinking, “How is this not number one?!!” Look, when you have a quarterback making absurd throws left and right all season, coming up with a bonafide top ten is hard, okay? Just watch this beautiful no-look pass and be quiet. Seriously though, I’m still amazed by this throw. Simply amazed.

2. F%ck It! Tyreek’s Down There Somewhere

This throw was another contender for number one, but it just came up short. However, in terms of clutchness, this was Mahomes’ best throw all season. 4th and 9 with the game on the line, and he hit his man downfield while being chased by Raven defenders. This was arguably the Chiefs’ biggest win of the season.

1. “Are You Kidding Me?!!!”

Thom Brennaman’s words echoed throughout the country from fans and analysts alike. After scrambling for 45 yards (courtesy of NextGen stats) while evading Niner defenders, Mahomes delivered a perfect strike to Chris Conley in the back of end zone. This throw proved that the Chiefs truly had something special in Mahomes.

If you still hate Mahomes after all of this, head to your local neurologist because something’s wrong with you. He’s the future of the league, and he’ll be flexing on opposing defenses for years to come.

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