The Book Of Eli Must Have An End

It’s no secret that the two-time Super Bowl champion and future Hall of Famer, Eli Manning, is aging.

What the longtime Manning fans don’t want to admit is that his age would take him out in an embarrassing fashion. Eli looks like a shell of his former self, and while he can still throw the ball fairly well, he has almost zero mobility. This has been a big factor in the Giants recent struggles, as indicated by their dismal 3-8 record.

The Giants were once a team that nobody could predict. A Wild Card team that took down the undefeated New England Patriots as a heavy underdog, and then took them down again years later. Both teams were led by Eli and these victories immortalized the younger Manning as an all-time great.

Throughout Eli’s career, people always compared him to his older brother Peyton and the conversation is not as close as people say. Peyton was clearly the superior Manning in every way, and the numbers don’t lie. Peyton even got the last laugh as he got his second ring in his final season to tie Eli.

Some may question if Eli is a Hall of Famer, and while these past few years may hurt his resume, his credentials will still be strong enough to help him get in. However, if he continues to torture Giants fans with poor play, he may go down as another QB who “didn’t know when to quit.” Unfortunately, Father Time catches up with everyone and the time for Eli is now. That face, however, will live on forever.

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Photo: Getty Images/Mitchell Leff


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