The Boston Red Sox are the Best Team Ever, That is Simply a Fact!

The moment we’ve been waiting for since the end of 2013 has finally come, ladies and gentleman. The moment happened on early Monday morning, October 29th, 2018. The 2018 Boston Red Sox finished a dominant performance against the Los Angeles Dodgers in what may have been the greatest postseason run in MLB history. Fun fact- Did you know that “LA” stands for “Lose Again?” The Dodgers have officially become the “dynasty that never was.” Turn that into a 30 for 30, @espn.

Best Team Ever: 119 wins, 3 total postseason losses, and a World Series title to hang up at Fenway.

The Boston Red Sox are officially a dynasty. With 4 World Series titles in just the 21st Century, after beating the Dodgers last night, the Red Sox have paved their way as the best baseball dynasty in this century. Boston added to their 9 World Series titles last night, destroying Los Angeles, 5-1. This 2018 Boston Red Sox team is, in fact—no denying it—the best Red Sox team… EVER! Are they the best MLB team in the history of MLB? Well, that’s for you to figure out. I’m just here to provide you with some facts. The only two other teams that had more wins than this 2018 team are the 1998 Yankees (125 Wins) and the 2001 Mariners (120 Wins). Although, the 2001 Mariners did not win the World Series that year and nearly got swept in the ALCS…so that team definitely isn’t better than this 2018 Red Sox team. The question you have to ask yourself is if the 1998 Yankees team is better than this 2018 Red Sox team. A question that will certainly be debated for a long time, but we will never, ever, know the answer to until the time machine is invented.

How We Got Here

This team has a lot of signatures on the World Series trophy. Including former GM Theo Epstein, former Manager John Farrell, Owner Ben Cherrington, President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski, and Manager Alex Cora. The credit for the 2018 Sox should be given not only to the players, but the people mentioned above. From the young prospects signed, to the veteran players obtained, to the puzzle pieces acquired, to the manager that put this entire thing in motion, this team was 100% genuine, homegrown, and fun to watch. Remember when everyone at the trade deadline was raving about how the Dodgers acquired Manny Machado, or the Brewers and Yankees gaining all of these so-called game-changing players?” Remember when no one was talking about the amazing acquisitions made by Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox by acquiring future World Series MVP Steve Pearce and stud pitcher Nathan Eovaldi? LOL, yeah me too. Good times.

It’s no coincidence that this team won 108 regular season games and posted an 11-3 record in the postseason. This team beat, by far the 3 best teams in Major League Baseball in the New York Yankees (ALDS), Houston Astros (ALCS), and Los Angeles Dodgers (NL Representative in the World Series). I think we can all clearly see that with this year’s MVP Mookie Betts, Hank Aaron award winner J.D. Martinez, the significant role players, the incredible bench, a Cy Young contender in Chris Sale, a starting rotation that was dominant all year, and a bullpen that had its ups and downs but held its own in the postseason and purely dominated, was, in fact, the best team in the league.

The damage has been done!

The most dominant and best team in Red Sox history. These luxurious and most historic regular and postseason runs in Red Sox history cannot be overshadowed. This team will go down as one of the best teams in MLB history.

Alex Cora’s Photo Wall

In Spring Training, before we started this journey together down at Fenway South, while the Boston Red Sox were racking up a whole bunch of wins over the course of the 2018 MLB regular season—their manager, Alex Cora had a very creative way of remembering each and every one of them. Alex Cora maintained a season-long project at his Fenway Park office, tacking a photo to the wall to commemorate each Red Sox victory. We finished on an 11-game photo-tacking project that ended with a trophy.

The Lineup

This year’s lineup, led by Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez, and Andrew Benintendi, was star-packed, homegrown, and straight-up dominant. The role players that were crucial parts of the team that included Jackie Bradley Jr. (the Sox 9-hole hitter that went off during the ALCS and won the ALCS MVP), Brock Holt (Yankee killer who hit for the cycle in an ALDS game), Rafael Devers (only 22 years old), Christian Vázquez and Sandy Leon (the ultimate defensive catching duo that deserves so much credit for the dominance of the pitching staff), Mitch Moreland (incredible performance in the World Series Game 4 comeback), Xander Bogaerts (the power-hitting, young shortstop who drove in over 100 RBIs this season), Steve “motherf*****g” Pearce (MVP of the World Series), Eduardo Núñez (who can’t stay off of the damn ground, but we love him and his awkward swing), and last but not least… Ian Kinsler. Just kidding, I wish he was never on this team. He’s awful and there’s nothing good I can say about him. Boom, roasted.

The Pitching Staff & Bullpen

This pitching staff, led by Chris Sale and held up by David Price (who is, in fact, good at baseball and silenced all critics), Rick Porcello (Big Dick Rick), Eduardo Rodríguez (professional glove thrower) and Nathan Eovaldi (biconical arm, flamethrower, will-give-his-life-for-you pitcher). The bullpen, led by Joe Kelly (part of Joe Kelly’s fight club and 100-mph club), Heath Hembree (don’t think he did anything significant but he’s lockdown), Ryan Brasier (the silent assassin who mows down hitters), Matt Barnes (also a lockdown flamethrower) and last but not least… Craig Kimbrel (who gives everyone a heart attack every time he pitches, but also may be one of the most dominant closers ever and we all love him).

Are Boston Fans Spoiled?

For Boston fans, it’s been a long road since the 2013 World Series. From first to worst to losing in the first round for 2 consecutive years, the Sox deserved this 2018 World Series. Are we spoiled? You bet your goddamn ass we are, but I’ll tell you what… losing never gets old. This is why Boston is THE Titletown. Since 2000, we’ve had Patriots’ titles in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014 & 2016; the Red Sox winning World Series titles in 2004 (ending the Curse of the Bambino), 2007, 2013 (following the Boston Bombing), and 2018; the Celtics winning the NBA Finals in 2008; and Bruins winning the Stanley Cup in 2011. Not to mention the countless playoff runs and regular season championships won in the meantime. It’s simply a fact that us Boston fans are spoiled to the max!

Yeah, I’m Not from Boston but I’m a MASSHOLE!

I know that everyone hates us. I know that everyone finds Boston fans obnoxious. That’s what being a Masshole is all about. And yeah, I know, I get it. “Jordan, you aren’t even from Boston.” That’s true. But you know what? The culture of Boston and the culture of being a part of Red Sox Nation isn’t about whether or not you’re from the city or the surrounding areas. It’s about being passionate about the C’s, B’s, Sahx, and Pats, and loving them through the Bobby Valentine horrifically coached seasons, the curse of the Bambino, the Tom Bradyless season where he was injured, the steady finishes behind LeBron, and the Bruins’ rebuild for 8 seasons now. Yeah, we win a lot. But we struggle a lot too. That’s why Boston is the best at everything. Because sports are all about how you handle the struggle and push through the tough times. Eventually, it’ll pan out and you’ll add to the 37 titles that your city has. I may not be from Boston, but I guarantee you won’t find a more passionate, diehard fan in all Boston sports, especially with this Red Sox team, and I know that the city of champions, the other massholes,  and all of those that like my incredibly bias posts on Twitter and Instagram welcome me with open arms.

Simply A Fact!

Whether you like it or not, despite my annoying, bias tweets, posts, etc., whenever you think of the 2018 Boston Red Sox you’ll think of me. I did my job. The Red Sox should give me a job and Twitter and Instagram should give me a blue checkmark.  I’ll have to change my saying for next year, so I’m taking applications now.

As a diehard fanatic since I was born and raised, this 2018 Red Sox team was incredible to watch and I’m very sad that it’s over. We now have the banner to prove all of the hard work, the effort, and the sweat that went into one of the greatest seasons in the history of sports. Raise a glass to this amazing team. Cheers, we deserve it Boston! I’ll see you at the parade on Wednesday!

We, in fact, #DidDamage. That’s simply a fact! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter– @jcmoore19.

Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


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