The Boston Red Sox have traded away Mookie Betts and David Price

Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone and Baseball is just about to begin, people are finally realizing what a shitshow the 2020 Boston Red Sox are about to be. Think about it; The team doesn’t have a manager, Dustin Pedroia likely won’t be ready for opening day (again), Chris Sale’s elbow is being held together with a hope and a prayer, Nathan Eovaldi and David Price are both in the process of being traded, the bullpen still sucks like a hoover vacuum, newly signed Martin Perez and his 5.12 ERA are set to see major innings this year, and the team is still the third best team in the A.L. East. OH, DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT THE RED SOX JUST TRADED THE SECOND BEST PLAYER IN BASEBALL!!! HAHAHA IM HAVING FUN. 

Yup, the unthinkable happened. The Boston Red Sox, the notoriously high spending Boston Red Sox, got cold feet about paying a perennial MVP $400 million dollars and chose to send him AND DAVID PRICE to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a whole bunch of nothing. 

Reaction: I fucking hate this. All of you assholes that are saying this was smart or that Mookie was selfish can burn in hell because this is the stupidest thing ever. I don’t care about money, i dont care about prospects, i dont care about any of that shit. The Boston Red Sox, a team that is supposed to KEEP their best players, just traded away a franchise corner stone as if they were the fucking Kansas City Royals. 

The details aren’t official yet and we don’t know what’s coming back to Boston, but fuck ALL of this. 

2020 sucks ass already.

Photo via Brian Fluherty/ USA Today


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