The Browns Get Piped on MNF 31-3. This Concerned Browns Fan is now Wondering What the Hell is Happening in Cleveland?

What the fuck was that?

After beating the holy bejesus out of the Ravens last week to take over the top of the AFC North, you would think that the Browns would have rolled into Levi’s Stadium on Monday Night Football and shown a little bit of fight against the undefeated 49er’s. 

You would think wrong. 

The Browns got their shit pushed in from pillar to post, losing 31-3 and looking like an FCS team the entire time. 

What are we doing here? 

Baker, What is happening? Just do the thing that you did last year and be good. 

Odell, why can’t you catch passes anymore?

Offensive Line, why can’t you stop the smallest bit of pressure? 

Defense, why so bad? 

Why, why, WHY???????

What has changed about this team from a year ago? Hell, from a week ago? Are the 49er’s really good? Is Nick Bosa, the store-brand knock-off version of JJ Watt, really that good? How are you going to let him drop his nuts on your forehead for 60 minutes and let him taunt you the entire night?

How can you allow Matt Brieda and Tevin Coleman to walk ALL over you? 

How can you let Jimmy Garroppolo, the worst Patriots QB from 2016, look like a field general all night? 

Here is what’s wrong with this team, in a nutshell: An overreliance on Nick Chubb (Who is really the only good player on this team right now), A lack of any sort of pass protection, Baker’s inability to get rid of the football under pressure, an inability to properly use OBJ’s talent, and not being able to get healthy. 

Three of those things are fixable. Odell Beckham Jr is one of the most exciting players in football, and one of the quickest. The Browns have used him correctly on ONE play this season.

 Just let him run across the middle and pick up RAC yards. THAT’S WHAT HE’S REALLY GOOD AT. Next, please, and I mean pretty please, go and trade for any offensive line help. You know who’s a former All-Pro tackle who wants out of Washington? Trent Williams. GO GET HIM. 

Lastly, get Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams healthy and the secondary will figure itself out. 

Baker needs to figure out his problems on his own, Freddie Kitchens needs to mix up the play calling, and let’s go win some fucking games. Just let the team get healthy and things will straighten themselves out. 

Oh, and by the way, Nick Bosa is a colossal pussy, fuck that guy.


Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images



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