The Buccaneers should sign Carli Lloyd

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost against the Giants for many reasons, mostly because the Buc’s are a terrible football team. However, place kicker Matt Gay did them no favors. Gay missed 2 PATS and a 34 yard chip shot that would have sealed the game. It’s always a tough look for a kicker to leave 5 points on the board in a game you lost by 1 point. In fact, it’ such a tough look that Secret Deodorant placed an ad in the local paper calling for Gay’s replacement.

Yikes. It is never ideal when people want to replace you with somebody who has played 0 downs of football in their life, regardless of gender. But when you are the least accurate kicker in the league, anything is on the table. After all, Lloyd did do this.

Not exactly ideal form, but 55 yards is 55 yards.

More importantly, America would care about the Buccaneers for the first time since 2003. Imagine the hype around every Bucs game come 4th down when a woman enters the NFL for the first time. People would be flocking to a Raymond James Stadium that is second to last in the league in attendance percentage. Pink hats who know nothing about football would come to see “Herstory being made”. Low-life degens would show up hoping to prove male superiority. Meaningless field goals in blowout losses for Tampa Bay become must watch TV. Does she make it from 45? Does it get blocked? Does she try to make a tackle? If she does, does it look any better than any other kicker trying to tackle? Let’s find out.

Photo: Washington Post


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