The Chargers could be on the move again. But where to?

The Los Angeles Chargers have been a catastrophe this season. The team is a game below 0.500, but the on-field performance is the least of their worries. Week after week, the chargers are playing road games. Here is a wonderful example of their Week Six game in Pittsburgh:

Wait… this just in. This game was played in LA. Sadly for the front office, this is the best case scenario, because unless the other team fills the stadium, Chargers games look like a Korean soccer gameApparently nobody gives a shit about the Chargers in a town with USC, UCLA, and the Los Angeles Rams.

Rumblings started to surface this week about the Chargers relocating… again. The location has yet to be determined, so enjoy this ranking of the best possible locations for Joey Bosa and the boys.

5. London

Rumors about an NFL team moving to London have circulated around twitter for years, normally involving the Jacksonville Jaguars. London hosted 4 NFL games his year with good attendance at all of them. But the logistical challenges of having a single team play on another continent are likely a non-starter with the NFLPA.

4. Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City only has 1 professional team (the Thunder), but they are passionate about their sports. The overwhelming popularity of college football could be seen as a roadblock, but if Texas can support a couple pro teams and approximately 100 FBS teams, Oklahoma can support the Chargers.

3. Portland, Oregon

The haters will scream “Hipsters don’t watch football!” Yet both Seattle and San Francisco are among the most popular teams in the NFL. Portland is a larger market than say St. Louis, yet is underserved by professional leagues. The city is abuzz over a fucking soccer team for god’s sake, so I’m sure excitement would be high for Melvin Gordon to rumble into the endzone.

2. Mexico City

If the NFL is serious about expanding abroad, it should start with the major cities in North America. Mexico City is the largest city on the freaking continent. The NFL has played games here before and the excitement was palpable. Sure, they need to learn how to maintain a fucking field, but the high altitude is always a crowd pleaser on TV and the potential for an entire country to buy in leads to a much higher potential return on investment.

1. San Diego

Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s not true. Just go home.

Photo: Daily Snark


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