The Eagles Belong to Nick Foles

Last season was considered a fluke to most fans—well, to most New England fans that is. Patriot fans have found a new mortal enemy and his name is Nick Foles.

Nick Foles took down the “GOAT,” in the Super Bowl last season and the sting hasn’t gone away just yet, due to the fact that Foles continues to win for the Eagles. The Eagles looked down and out this season. With a sub .500 record and the loss of starting quarterback Carson Wentz, it seemed as though Foles would come in and finish off the disappointing season for the defending Super Bowl champions.

Well, Nick Foles had other ideas.

Yet again, he showed his magic and led the Eagles not only to the playoffs but to the next round of the postseason. Nick Foles has shown he is more than just a backup quarterback in Philly. That instead, he is the rightful owner of the starting job. In my opinion, the Eagles should find ways to shop Carson Wentz, or keep him as their backup.

Foles only played in 4 regular season games this season and was 3-1. In his first game, the Eagles took a loss to the Bucs 27-21. Foles threw for 334 yards and a touchdown in the loss. Wentz returned and Foles was back to the bench. When Wentz went down, the Eagles went back to Foles and they finished the season 3-0 and gained the playoff spot they deserved over the Vikings. Foles didn’t enter the starting job with a very easy road ahead. Foles took down the LA Rams, 30-23, and the Houston Texans, 32-30, in a game he threw for over 400 yards in. Finally, he beat league rival Washington Redskins, 24-0, and secured the matchup against the Chicago Bears. Foles threw two touchdowns in that game and 266 yards.

The Eagles have a trend of success under Nick Foles and I don’t see why they would want to option that to somebody else. Carson Wentz is a good quarterback, there is no question about that, but Nick Foles has earned the respect from his teammates and his city and even from this reporter. I Believe Nick Foles should be given the starting job and should be given the chance to show the NFL that he is a starting quarterback and not a “lucky backup”.

Photo: USA Today


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