The Heroes of the World Series

Yet again, Boston is gifted with a championship to add to this historic ‘Title Town” run. The 2018 Boston Red Sox go down as possibly the best team ever, while also claiming the top spot on the final game of the season. This feat could have never been accomplished without the help of these stand out players.

David Price

Talk about proving people wrong.

David Price has consistently been criticized for his performances against the Yankees, and most importantly, his performances in the postseason. After his last four games, I don’t think anyone will be criticizing him anytime soon.

Price absolutely went on a tear, taking all the heat, the jokes, and the criticism he’s ever received, and put it all into his recent performances. Price now holds all the cards and he has the right to be a dick to anyone that ever doubted him because without him, the Sox may not have won it all.

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As a side note, no one in the whole Red Sox organization gave up on David Price. He finally turned around his post-season career. I love players who play with a chip on their shoulder and is out to prove everyone wrong.

Steve Pearce

Is this the best mid-season acquisition ever? Is the sky blue? Is water wet? Well, that last one is still being debated, but the first two, sweet baby Jesus, yes they’re true.

I have no words for Steve Pearce, but I’m going to try my best to come up with some. Every kid who grows up loving sports that would die for their hometown team dreams of being the one to step up under the lights and take complete control of a championship; you have to think Pearce had that running through his mind.

Pearce grew up a Sox fan, and he had to go through the entire AL East before even being able to play for his favorite team, and when he finally got the chance to, he took it. From the moment he hit the first home run all the way back after getting acquired, I knew Steve Pearce and the Red Sox were meant to be. He had one hell of a performance this World Series, accounting for five runs, launching three home runs, and driving in eight RBIs. An unbelievable series! It’s amazing to witness a Red Sox fan win the World Series for his favorite team.

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It’s only right to give the Series MVP to Pearce, considering his name is similar to another Boston sports legend who won the same around ten years before.

Nathan Eovaldi

Can we all just thank our one true lord, Pedro Martinez, for noticing something wrong in Eovaldi’s mechanics? Eovaldi could have arguably won the MVP for this series with the several performances he put on. Although he gave up a walk-off home run in game 3, it’s hard to argue how impressive his performance was.

Throughout the playoffs, Eovaldi was consistently called on, and he showed up each time. Game after game, Eovaldi came out throwing heat, only rarely would he make a costly mistake. In his ALCS performance against the Astros, Eovaldi got his revenge, silencing Bregman and the fans.

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J.D. Martinez

Now do you see why we signed this guy! What a player! J.D. went through stretches during this postseason where he couldn’t get a hit, or even get to first base, but when it was time to show up, he was present.

Now, I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous to sign him at first, but from day one on when I truly saw the player he was, I was completely on board. I love to be proven wrong. He should up all season, claiming the title as one of the best hitters in baseball, and it seemed almost every at-bat, the ball would end up in the stands. When it came time to show up on the biggest stage, J.D. was there.

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Unsung Hero: Jackie Bradley Jr

This is a personal favorite for me. I’d like to think of Jackie Bradley Jr. as the Marcus Smart of the Red Sox. When it comes to defense, he is by far one of the best in the league, making big plays and never giving up on a play. When it comes to offense, he’s a wild card, but in a good way; he shows up when no one else expects it and when the team needs it. JBJ was such an important factor when it came to the ALCS. He showed up big, popping off a grand slam and really igniting the Sox offense. JBJ has forever been one of my favorites on the Sox, and he showed you why in this postseason.

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Let’s Not Forget:

  • Andrew Benintendi
  • Brock Holt
  • Ryan Brasier

Photo: SB Nation


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