The Leafs’ Offense is Scary Good

When you think of the NHL’s great offenses, you think of the 80’s Edmonton Oilers and New York Islanders, the 90’s Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings, and the 2000’s Washington Capitals.

All of these teams could score at will and because of it, they ended up winning the Cup, some a few more than one. There is one team this year that is trying to accomplish the same thing and that is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Leafs are currently¬†(As of October 12) in first place in the entire National Hockey League thanks to a quick 4-1 start. While that is amazing in itself, what’s even more astounding is the number of pucks they are putting in the net.

As of this writing (October 12), the team has scored 25 goals in five games. If you know how to do math, that means they are averaging five goals a game, which obviously leads to a lot of wins.

Leading the way for the Leafs is Auston Matthews. Matthews has been a monster so far this season as he already has nine goals (As of October 12). That clearly leads the league and it leads a league by a good margin as the next player behind him has 6.

Speaking of the next player behind him, it is none other than Leafs’ superstar John Tavares. It was important for him to get off to a quick start on his new club and so far at least, he has not disappointed.

Tavares is second in the league in points (10) and is two points behind the co-leaders, Matthews and another Leafs player, defenseman Morgan Rielly. Rielly has been an offense machine from the Leafs’ blue line this year and is showing that if you give him room, he can be an extremely dangerous player.

While Matthews and Tavares are a dynamic duo to be reckoned with, there are other guys on this team there is another Leafs’ player that is currently contributing big numbers. Mitch Marner is also off to a great start as he has 10 points (3 goals and 7 assists).

This is a scary offensive hockey team folks. With the way they are putting pucks in the net and winning hockey games in the early going, winning the Cup this year is a real possibility.



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