The Man in The Red Bandana. A Hero that will never be forgotten.

September 11, 2001.

A day that will never be forgotten in American history. A day that truly tested the resilience, strength, and hope of our great country. A day in which loved ones were lost, but will always be remembered for their selfless sacrifices.

There are people in this world that put the safety of others before their own, aware of the outcome that could follow. Welles Crowther, a former Boston College lacrosse player, was one of these people. He was more than a first responder, but a hero, who along with all other responders, saved the lives of countless others.

Crowther is known as “The Man in The Red Bandana” because of the bandana that he was seen carrying during the tragedy, using it to breathe while trying to save lives. The bandana he carried was one that he always had with him wherever he went, ever since he was young.

He saved a dozen people on this tragic day by fighting off the flames with fire extinguishers and resiliently battling his way through the crippled South Tower of the World Trade Center. Sadly, Welles did not make it out of that tragic day alive, eventually found under all the rubble from the fallen building months after the collapse.

It’s people like Welles that portray what life is really about, thinking of others before yourself, committing the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of others. If Welles didn’t help that day, there would’ve been a dozen more lives not here today.

Thank you, Welles, and to all the first responders, you will never ever be forgotten for your sacrifice.

Never forget.


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