The Mariners are Blowing it All Up

Around two months ago, the Seattle Mariners were a fringe playoff team. They had been outclassed by the Houston Astros and Oakland Athletics and ended up finishing 3rd in the AL West. Still, they were an 89win team that, any other year, would have likely been a playoff team. They were certainly better or on par with most of the best teams in the National League.

Now, the Mariners are in firesale mode, apparently looking to get rid of anything not nailed to the floor.

The Mariners have quickly changed their offseason approach from “Re-imagining the roster,” to “blow the whole thing up and try again.

The Mariners have already traded their ace, James Paxton, to the New York Yankees in exchange for highly-touted pitching prospect Justus Sheffield, as well as two more prospects. Apparently, this was the start of the teardown for GM Jerry Dipoto.

Over the last few days, rumors have been swirling about a potential trade involving Robinson Cano and 24yearold closer Edwin Diaz, fresh off a 57save season, likely headed to the New York Mets.

In addition, the Mariners also made headlines by trading away reliever Alex Colome to the White Sox for catcher Omar Narvaez.

ANDDDD there are mumblings that the Phillies are looking to acquire the Mariners shortstop Jean Segura.

What. Is. Going. On?

These are the type of stories you’d see from a team like the Marlins; selling off all the assets to build for the future. The big difference being that the Marlins stink, and the Mariners were a good baseball team last year.

Had Cano not been suspended for PEDs usage last season, they could’ve been a serious Wild Card contender. They pushed the rebuild button way sooner than anyone could’ve predicted. They’re basically doing an anti-Phillies. They saw that the roster was aging rapidly and decided to can the whole thing before it was too late. In that respect, I understand trading Paxton and looking to ditch Cano and his albatross of a contract, and if they get the package for Cano and Diaz that has been reported, it would be a huge get for the Mariners.  

I’m simultaneously impressed by the forwardthinking of the Mariners front office, as well as baffled by their triggerhappy stance to blow up a quality baseball team.

The MLB hot stove is officially heating up. And it is glorious.

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