The MLB’s Frantic Final Two Weeks

The 2018 Major League Baseball season has seen a little bit of everything. Historic winners like the Red Sox enter Wednesday just three wins away from breaking their team record for most wins in a season. Historic losers like the Baltimore Orioles continue to lose and are already one of the worst teams of all time. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Rays and Seattle Mariners would be within a game of the Cleveland Indians or lead the NL West had they been in those divisions. We have entered the final two weeks of the season and there is still plenty of drama left to play out. The Yankees and A’s are both locks for playoff spots and will take each other on in the Wild Card game.


The Red Sox will take the number one spot in the American league once they officially clinch their division this week. There has been seemingly no drama within the AL East since early August, as the closest the Yankees have gotten was six games. The Indians have clinched their division and will travel to Houston for the first round to play the Astros once they officially clinch.


In the National League, the Braves will take the NL East crown, a perfect topping to their surprising season of success. Predicted by nobody to be where they are, Atlanta will win close to 90 games and without a doubt have a few no stress games as they await the winner of the NL West in the first round. The Brewers and Cubs are both locks for a postseason spot, although it is unsure how the division will shake out. The loser of the division will likely host the wild card game.


The only uncertainty here is who will host the Wild Card game, and as much as I think the A’s will end up winning the game and travel to Boston, they’ll have to go through New York to do it. The Yankees still have six games with the Red Sox, who couldn’t care less about whether they win or lose. If the Yankees still haven’t clinched by the final three games, the Red Sox farm system will be in for their biggest test of the year against the Yankees A-team.


The winner of the NL West will be the Dodgers. As much as the Rockies might be the underdog fan favorite, they will miss the postseason after making the Wild Card game last season. The Cubs will take the Central. Going into Tuesday, the Cubbies hold a two and a half game lead over the Brewers for first place, and there is not enough time for the Brew Crew to catch them. In the Wild Card game, the Brewers will play host to the Cardinals as a match-up of divisional opponents. Matt Carpenter and the battle-tested Cards know how to win games in September, and that experience will be key in the coming weeks.

Photo: Chicago Tribune


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