The NFL Head Coaches of Tomorrow

We are officially seven weeks away from the infamous “Black Monday” in the NFL, a date that strikes terror into the hearts of head coaches. If you’re on the dreaded hot seat at this point of the season, your job is in serious jeopardy unless a miracle happens.

Guys are going to get fired. It is inevitable. The Browns (because of course the Browns) have already started the wave by smartly firing head coach Hue Jackson. The Jets would be smart to continue that trend by firing Todd Bowles, but that remains to be seen.

Among the other teams that could be looking to make changes are the Buccaneers, Cardinals, Bills, Cowboys, Broncos, and Ravens. There might also be a surprise team in that mix, and maybe this will finally be the year that Marvin Lewis gets fired (like that’ll ever happen).

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Let’s take a look at some potential names who could be head coaching in the NFL next season.

John DeFilippo – Minnesota Vikings OC

DeFilippo will be the hottest name on the head coaching market this offseason. A highly acclaimed QB guru, he will be sought after by a team looking to develop a young QB into a star. Sean McVay and Matt Nagy have had success with their young QBs, and DeFilippo should follow suit after coaching the likes of Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, and Kirk Cousins to success.

Possible Destinations: Jets, Browns, Bills

Eric Bieniemy – Kansas City Chiefs OC

Another year, another coach plucked from the Andy Reid coaching tree. Bieniemy could follow Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy into the head coaching ranks after running a strong offense in Kansas City. A team with athleticism and skill at the QB and RB positions could pick Bieniemy, a RB guru, to incorporate Reid’s unique offense.

Possible Destinations: Browns, Cowboys, Redskins (surprise team)

Dan Campbell – New Orleans Saints Assistant HC & Tight Ends Coach

Campbell appears to be primed for a head coaching job after learning under Sean Payton the past few years. Campbell was also the interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2015, and he did a solid job considering the state of the team. For his work with the high-flying Saints, Campbell should have plenty of interviews lined up in the offseason.

Possible Destinations: Cowboys, Broncos, Ravens

Lincoln Riley – Oklahoma Sooners HC

Everyone wants the next Sean McVay. If he decides to leave college for the NFL, Riley might be that guy. In his short time as Oklahoma’s head coach, Riley has coached Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray to Heisman-caliber seasons. Could a reunion with his young star in Cleveland be in the cards?

Possible Destinations: Browns, Jets, Cardinals

John Harbaugh – Baltimore Ravens HC

No, that’s not a typo. I didn’t mean Jim Harbaugh, because I don’t think he’s leaving his dream job while in the midst of his best season yet. Although he’s a current head coach, there are whispers around the league that John’s days in Baltimore are numbered unless he can turn their season around. If he’s fired, he’ll have zero issues finding another job. Harbaugh’s an excellent coach.

Possible Destinations: Buccaneers, Broncos, Bills

Bruce Arians – Former NFL HC

Although he’s retired and making a modest living as an NFL broadcaster, Arians sounds like a guy who still has a drive to coach. However, at 66-year-old, will the famed offensive guru really consider a return to the sidelines, and more important, will a team take on someone at that age. If he’s as excited as he sounds, he’ll find a way.

Possible Destinations: Browns, Jets, Ravens

Dave Toub – Kansas City Chiefs Assistant HC & Special Teams Coordinator

This is another dark horse candidate, but Toub should’ve had a head coaching job years ago. He is a brilliant football mind and is the best special teams coach in the NFL by a mile. Unfortunately for him, special teams coaches don’t get the appreciation they deserve. However, John Harbaugh, a former special teams coordinator, has had tremendous success as a head coach. Will Toub finally get his shot?

Possible Destinations: Browns, Ravens, Buccaneers

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