The Patriots are Not Wearing Their ‘90s Home Blues

Last night many New England Patriot’s fans were headed to bed under the assumption that the defending champs would be breaking out their old home uniforms for a November 24th matchup with the Dallas Cowboys.

The greatest home uniform in the History of the NFL being worn by the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL had an incredibly positive reaction, and, personally, I was excited about the possible merchandise we would see with current players on the roster.

Unfortunately, Twitter’s fun ended this morning:

The Patriots ProShop will be offering several former Patriots players from the Royal Blue Era for jerseys but no current players. No Edelman, Brady, or White, or anyone.

Now, we all know about the NFL’s helmet rule, which eliminates the possibility of most throwbacks being worn in today’s game. However, as my colleague Todd Serbent has pointed out on Twitter, this throwback uniform, like several others, is one we could feasibly see again. And it’s all because the helmet wouldn’t need a color altercation:

I think rumors like the one we had last night are a clear conformation that fans want these old uniforms back on the field. It’s almost amusing Patriots fans want to see these old unis again due to their iffy team success with them, and their almost unstoppable team success with the current color scheme. But anyone making that argument clearly forgot about the red Pat Patriot uniforms we saw on occasion before the NFL’s helmet rule was in place. Also, I’d take these beauties over Nike’s dreadful Color Rush schemes.

In the end, while this rumor proved false, there’s too much money to be made by the NFL for them not to bring back the 90’s for a couple of games soon for each team. The league and it’s players just need to find a helmet that lets them do so.

Photo: Chowder and Champions


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