The Patriots Aren’t Declining, They’re Missing Their Spark Plug. Relax -@WTPscotch

This article had a different title, and was basically 80% different before I accidentally deleted it while typing from the gym. But the reworked version is more direct and less “you’re all stupid for thinking the pats are falling off”.

You guys remember the last time the Patriots lost the majority of their first 4 games? Me too. This isn’t the end of a dynasty, it’s not the collapse of Tom Brady, it’s not the end of Bill Belichick, it’s the missing of Julien Edelman.

Edelman has an impact far greater than catching the football. His emotional impact on Tom Brady alone is a game changer, and that’s pretty evident.

Tom impacts everyone: offense, defense, special team units, and even the crowd. Tom sets the standard for everyone else in that stadium. But who sets the tone for Tom?

First thing people will say is “WELL WHAT ABOUT LAST YEAR WHEN THEY DIDNT HAVE HIM?”

Fine, let’s look at last season, where Edelman was injured. What’s the difference? Well, simply put, we was around the team. He was constantly there, constantly a presence. His energy never wavered. That’s what he brought to the table when he couldn’t bring his shifty receiving talents.

Here’s what’s going to happen: Edelman comes back, Tom has an more easily flowing exhaust outlet where he can throw the ball, and at the same time he gains a spark plug. If Brady is an engine that propels the entire team, it can’t be done with efficiency unless the engine has the right assets built into it.


Again, Tom sets the tone for the team, not the offense. He is their leader. He is the the engine. So take this article, screenshot it, and bring it up in a few months, no, weeks when they’re discussing who will have to come into foxboro and play for their shot to maybe possibly be in the super bowl instead of the Brady and Belichick lead Patriots.

Edelman is the key, not because of his hands, but because of his energy and his emotional impact on the motivating force for the entire squad.



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  1. I’ve been eating leftover chili since The Pats game Sunday night. You could say I have a more easily accessible exhaust outlet also

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