Bruins First Road Trip Preview

The Boston Bruins are coming off a 3-0 homestand after being embarrassed by Washington in the season opener. The team has responded well after the routing in Washington and now it’s time for their first road trip of the year.

This road trip starts in Calgary against the 3-2 Flames, who have looked pretty good so far, but I think the Bruins are just a tier above. The man to look out for on Calgary is #13 Johnny “Hockey” Gaudreau. He may be small, but man does this kid have some mitts on him. The Boston College product has proven to be an elite talent in the NHL and has the speed to burn this Bruins defense. The Flames have a playoff caliber roster, but I think the Bruins have a deeper team and I don’t see Calgary shutting down the Bergeron line.

Next up is Edmonton again, and we’ve already seen what the Bruins did to them in their first meeting. The Bruins top line couldn’t be stopped and I don’t see them slowing down in this game either. In fact, I see the Bruins second line coming into their own and scoring more and playing an all-around better game as well. The only player I see causing damage to this team is Connor McDavid. He’s the only one who scored on them the last time, but it’s the NHL so the Bruins could come out flat and lose this game. Revenge will be the theme, but the Bruins can and should win.

Lastly is Vancouver, who is the mystery team of the bunch. I don’t know what to think of them because they are so young. Brock Boeser and Elias Pettersson are extremely talented and have won the Canucks games early in the year. They can be a good matchup against the Bruins because of their speed, but again, nothing can stop that top line. The Bruins will win for a clean sweep thanks to their top line and solid defense.

I fully expect Halak and Rask to continue to split games here keeping them both in the fresh and rested. This will be very important, as goaltending has been a bit of an issue later in the year due to exhaustion. I expect the Bruins to come home undefeated on this mini road trip and continue their hot streak.

Photo: NBCSports


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