The Red Sox curb stomp a pathetic Minor League team, AKA the Baltimore Orioles, 13-2

It says a lot about an organization when the 2019 Boston Red Sox hang a 13 spot on you in your own building.

Well, that’s the Baltimore Orioles in a nutshell.

They are baseball’s palette cleanser. Having a rough stretch? Coming off a sweep? The line up is struggling? As long as the Orioles are next up on the schedule, your problems can and will be solved.

The Boston Red Sox were 35-34 heading into last night’s game. They had just dropped two out of three to the Texas Rangers at home, in a series were the lineup, outside of Thursday’s five-homer night, did diddly squat. The Orioles may have thought, “Hey, We’re getting a struggling Red Sox team coming into town. Maybe we can get some revenge!”. They then promptly remembered, “Oh shit, We’re the Orioles and we’re terrible”, and gave up 13 runs in 6 innings to a Sox lineup that was missing the owner of Camden Yards, Mookie Betts.

How are the Orioles even a team anymore? How have they yet to be relegated to the Minors? There isn’t one component of this team that says “Major League Roster talent”. If it wasn’t for Chris Davis, Trey Mancini, and Jonathan Villar, I could legitimately confuse the O’s starting lineup with a D-III school from Idaho.

I’ve said it before, but this isn’t how you should tank in baseball. If you want to see baseball tanking done right, look back to the 2011-2014 Houston Astros. While Jeff Lunhow’s goal was always to lose as many games as possible and secure the highest draft picks, he knew that acquiring assets and selling them off for more prospects was the right way to do it. The Astros would be semi-interesting until the trade deadline, where they would liquidate everything and be terrible for the last 2 months of the year. THAT is how you do it. The Orioles did none of that shit. What sort of trading have the Orioles done since 2017? Trading Machado for 5 ‘meh’ prospects? Anyone could have done that.

This Orioles roster was built to be horrendous, and nothing else. Except for Trey Mancini, who has the dubious honor of being the face of the franchise, no one else has any sort of trade value whatsoever. This isn’t right. Rob Manfred, Bobby M, why are you letting this happen? No team should let Eduardo Rodriguez, who came into last nights game with an ERA of 5.00, carve them up to the tune of 7 innings pitched and 1 earned run (Remember when this blog was about the Red Sox game, Cuz I sure do).

The Orioles actually started Luis Ortiz, a man with a cool 15.43 career ERA, in a Major League Baseball game. He got beat to shit, before turning it over to Dan Straily (Yeah, He’s still in the Bigs) who also got SHELLED. The Red Sox, who haven’t been hitting the long ball very well so far this year, mashed six (!!) homers, three of which came from Brock Holt, Christian Vazquez, and Jackie Bradley Jr. That is Embarrassing.

The Orioles might as well forfeit their next 93 games because this is downright disgusting. Baltimore is a black eye on the league at this point.

Somehow, losing a game 30-3 is more dignified than what’s taking place right now.

Photo: Patrick Smith/ Getty Images


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