The Sam Darnold Era Can Finally Begin

By putting pen to paper, a new era has officially begun in New York. Jets fans will now pray that this will finally be the one to end their years of misery.

Sam Darnold, who the Jets selected with the third overall selection in the 2018 NFL Draft, has officially signed his rookie deal (despite some delay) and took the field at training camp. While he is far from bringing a Super Bowl title to New York, this is a huge step in the right direction for a franchise that’s had very little success in its long history.

Darnold isn’t an All-Pro yet and has much to work on before he can be the Jets’ starter. Luckily, New York will have the luxury of bringing him along slowly. With two established veterans in Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater fighting for the Jets starting job, Sam Darnold will have the opportunity to sit, watch, and learn the NFL inside and out.

Many Jets fans won’t like this idea. Why would they sit a guy they just invested so much in? Well, there’s the answer to their question. The Jets invested so much to get Darnold that they can’t afford to rush him into action (like Mark Sanchez) and watch him fall flat on his face. They need to be sure that he’s ready to go before handing him the job, and rightfully so.

Look at the Kansas City Chiefs. They invested a lot to get an immensely talented, but raw QB prospect in Patrick Mahomes. With an established starter like Alex Smith already on the team, they took their time with developing Mahomes during his rookie year. This year, Smith is gone and Mahomes will take over in Kansas City, where the hype is growing regarding his ability to become a top QB in this league.

Patience, Jets fans. Darnold’s time will come, and for now, he’s in good hands. Say what you want about Josh McCown, but he’s an excellent football mind and a student of the game who will make a fantastic coach in this league one day. He’s an ideal guy to mentor Sam Darnold, who should soak in every ounce of advice the veteran QB can provide.

Darnold shouldn’t play just yet, and as long as Tom Brady’s still breathing, the Jets should be in no rush to throw him into the fire. He has the talent to be a star in this league. He just needs to harness it and work out any bugs in his game, while the Jets continue to build a roster that will thrive once he enters the fray.

Photo: Sports Illustrated


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