The San Diego Padres and their #BrownIsBack uniforms are the sexiest things I have ever seen

It’s Sunday morning, and I have a boner because of a baseball uniform. I didn’t expect it, nor did I want it to happen, but here we are. 

Yesterday, The San Diego Padres announced that they were going to be debuting new uniforms and a new color scheme for the 2020 season and beyond. Everyone, myself included, expected some new, shitty interaction of their uniforms which they have now. What we got was sex incarnate. 

An updated return to form. 

The classic yellow and brown that the Friars rocked in the 70’s and 80’s are back, but with a modern twist and good lord almighty I am at full staff just looking at these things. 

These uniforms might be the best uniform rebrand in the MLB in the last 20 some ought years. 

I can only hope that the Rockies and Diamondbacks go back to rocking the pinstripe vests from the 2000’s and solidify the NL West as the best division in baseball, uniforms-wise. 

I had said all of last season that the Cincinnati Reds were my second favorite MLB team, but after seeing these beauties in living color, the Padres have tossed their name into consideration. Taking into account how fun the team is going to be AND these gems on the field at the same time, that’s pretty tough to top. 

This is the type of news we need in the early stages of the MLB offseason. When stuff isn’t happening and fall is boring as shit, you need a team like the Padres to come along and make your day. 

Bravo San Diego, stay classy indeed.

photo via @Padres


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