The Story Of Driver Bryan Clauson And His Organ Donation Is Something You Need To Hear

There are stories in sports like Lebron making it to his 7th straight finals because he started a super team era, the Yankees giving Aaron Judge his own stupid section at a stadium they can’t even sell 3/4 of the tickets in, and the overall treatment of athletes like gods.

And then there are stories like the one of Bryan Clauson.


Now some people don’t consider the driver of a car an athlete, that isn’t the argument here, and if you’re going to argue that in this post then promptly make a fist, and proceed to plow it up your own butthole.

Bryan was a dirt track driver who was as big as one can get in the sport (or so I’m told). He made the move to race in the Indy500 and though he enjoyed it, he went right back to dirt track soon after.


It was on a dirt track that he was involved in an brutal crash that ultimately took his life days later. He was 27.

Thats not where the story ends though. Bryan was an organ donor. His heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver went out to 5 people and saved their lives. One of whom was a lieutenant in the US Army (RET), who received Bryan’s heart, and because of that he got to see his grandchildren begin life due to the selflessness of an awesome dude.

On ESPN, they had Bryan’s family go and feel their son’s heart beat in the man who received life from it. Im not one to tell you to watch ESPN but their 30 for 30s are always a great take.

On a serious note, organ donation is honestly a no brainer. Im not going to call you a selfish douche for not opting to be an organ donor, but lord knows I want to. Its easy to sit back and find it a tough topic, I get it, but when its someone you care about laying there in need of an organ to stay alive… you’re going to wish someone decided to check that box off on their license.

Im not going to sit back and bash people for not doing it, but rather I’ll just urge you to make the decision that could save lives. I get it, WTP sports is a satirical site for the most part, and you guys want to read about what stupid thing that the NFL implemented, but with all due respect, keep your comments to yourself on that front unless you want an article out roasting you to 250,000 readers and millions on twitter.

Hear me out here; I know people who have had their lives saved by these selfless heroes, and have been able to live incredible lives as a result. Just consider it. Do what you want but at least look at all the great that can come of a horrible situation.


Bryan Clauson… You’re a winner man; on the track, and even after you’re no longer walking the earth yourself.. you’re a winner.




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