The Wait is Over: Zeke Got Paid

The Dallas Cowboys and Zeke Elliot have finally come to an agreement to keep him on the field as a Cowboy, and fantasy owners happy they drafted him. The Cowboys and Zeke have agreed on a 6 year/ 90 million dollar extension. Elliot is also guaranteed 50 million dollars in this deal as well. Zeke got what he wanted, he passes Todd Gurley as the highest guaranteed running back in the league.

Things got scary for a little bit for Dallas, as Elliot warned them he would not play unless a deal was made. Zeke wanted to be the highest-paid running back and for a while, it looked as though the Cowboys might go a different direction. Dak Prescott wanted a contract that gave him 40, yes, 40 million dollars a season. This contract, if it had been completed, would have driven Elliot right out of the lone star state and into the hands of a team that wanted him, similar to LeVeon Bells situation. Now that their Zeke issue is behind them, Jerry Jones needs to focus on bringing his Quarterback back and his main receiver (Amari Cooper) back at the end of the season as well.

The Cowboys have much work to do to compete in this league this coming season, but having the three-headed snake will give them a better chance than not having any or even at least one of them.

Photo: GQ


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