The “Way-Too-Incorrect” 2019 Power Rankings

Hours after the Boston Red Sox won the 2018 World Series, the power rankings for next year arrived, and let me be the first to say…


The fact that the Boston Red Sox, a team predicted to have to fight for the Wild Card at the beginning of the year due to the Yankees acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton and then went on to win a club record and MLB high 108 wins, then only lost 3 games in the playoffs to TWO 100 win teams and a stacked NLCS champ, was ranked 4th is despicable.

This team has proven everyone wrong all year, and can only improve their team this offseason, so what on Earth do you have to do in order to place top 3???

Get beat in the ALCS 4-1?

Get beat in the ALDS 3-1?

Get beat in the World Series 4-1?

Apparently, winning the World Series dominantly in all aspects of the game isn’t enough to make you favorites to repeat. I mean, it did for the Astros, who were favorites this year after winning it all last year, but I guess that doesn’t apply to Boston? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against any of the top teams – other than the Yankees, obviously – but there is absolutely no way you can rank them above a team that lost to them with ease especially when the Red Sox haven’t lost anyone, and the Astros, Yankees, and Dodgers have gained no one.

Once again, the Red Sox are being underestimated by everyone, and I truly hope that they prove everyone wrong again. Personally, if you were to slide the Red Sox up to #1 and the Brewers up to #6 I think this is a great list, but once again Boston gets doubted, and their track record shouldn’t cause any doubts…

Photo: MLB


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