The WWE returned to the NBA last night. Are you not entertained?

The NBA has to be one of the most entertaining leagues, on and off the court.

The level of pettiness that lingers among the NBA is low-key a huge scene from “Mean Girls” that never ends, with their National Wine Nights, their subtweets at each other, and non-stop scuffles that has continued to carry over from last year. Folks, to be honest with you, the NBA is transitioning to the WWE, and if you aren’t here for it, please hop off the hype train and go be a party pooper somewhere else.

Let’s get to last night’s fight. The Houston Rockets and The Los Angeles Lakers squared off in a brawl (on LeBron’s home debut no matter *cue tears*) that ended with Brandon Ingram finally going through puberty, Chris Paul realizing never to miss with horns, and everyone (ONCE AGAIN) being reminded why Rajon Rondo is an absolute psychopath and is the most ride or die player ever (followed by our lord and savior Marcus Smart).

How did this happen you may ask. Well, what had happened was Brandon Ingram was upset that James Harden got a call when driving to the basket, so he proceeded to push him and get in his face, while being held back by an official. Ingram was then held back by Lance, and in the process of that, Rondo (because why wouldn’t he be involved) decided to go have a chat with Chris Paul. Paul flicked or poked Rondo in the face, which led to Morgan Freeman’s voice narrating “now, you may ask how i got here,” and Rondo’s left hand ending up on the left side of his face. Chris Paul then through back a punch, trying to defend (not really because basically he started it) himself. While all of this is happening, Ingram is standing by himself on the prowl, waiting for the best opportunity to cause even more problems and give even more reasons why the league should empty his bank account, all in one night. Ingram decided to get back in on the action, proceeding to throw a punch at Chris Paul, who was being held back and had no chance to fight back at that point.

After all of this, Ingram was ejected, Paul was ejected, and Rondo already knew he was getting ejected so he left the building while they tried to figure out what the hell happened. Folks, I cannot wait for the next time these two teams meet in the ring again. After seeing last night’s fight, you can only assume that the Pay Per View for this fight, oh my bad I meant game, will be just a tad pricey.

This is exactly why the NBA is the best league; you get to watch some of the best athletes in the world, you get entertainment, and you get the WWE and basketball all in one, an absolute DEAL. Well, til next time ladies and gents, this has been my TED Talk, I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for listening.

Photo(s): Houston Chronicle


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