The Yankees Have Signed a Shortstop! And His Name Is…….

The Yankees have made their splash. The eagle has landed. They got themselves a multiple time all star, multiple time gold glove winner shortstop. Say it with me now, the New York Yankees have signed………..

Troy Tulowitzki?

Not what I was expecting.

So yeah, the Yankees seem to have found their shortstop for 2018, and it’s definitely an interesting one.

Tulo and the Yankees have agreed to a one year, $555K deal.

It’s basically a way less frustrating Demarcus Cousins to the Warriors deal.

I might seem like I’m making fun of the Yankees for getting a 34 year old shortstop who has only played in 66 games over the last two years and didn’t even sniff the field in 2018, but honestly, it’s not a bad signing. While Tulo’s health is always in question, when he’s on the field, he’s always productive. During his last “full season”, where he played in 131 games in 2016, he hit .254 with 24 home runs and 79 RBI’s while playing above average defense. Even though his OBP has been piss and shit over the last three years, he’s still shown that, when he’s active, he’s still got some pop. Additionally, there is zero risk in this signing. The Yankees sneeze out $500,000, and if Tulo gets hurt, then they dished out chump change for the possibility of Tulo reverting back to his all star days.

But, why this deal is perfect for the Yankees is, because the dollar amount is so low, they are still in the running for a different multiple time all star shortstop.

Yes, somehow, the Yankees can, theoretically, somehow have Tulo and Machado on the same roster, and it’s infuriating.

It’s still unclear how close Machado and the Yankees are to closing a deal, nobody knows, but if things fall through, they have their insurance policy.

This may be one of the last chances for Troy Tulowitzki to prove himself, and it might be his last hurrah in general.

Let’s see what he has left in the tank.


Photo by Peter G. Aiken/USA TODAY Sports



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