This One Hurts. Rest In Peace Mac Miller

There’s a saying that the good die young, and I’m still a firm believer in that after today. Mac Miller, 26, has died from a drug overdose. He was found in his house at 12 this afternoon, and pronounced dead on the scene.

When some people see the word “drugs,” they automatically think that person was “bad,” a “low life,” a “waste,” or only cared for doing just that, drugs. Mac Miller in this case was none of that, in fact he was full of life, always caught with a smile on his face. It’s bad decisions that lead to things like this, but some try to find other ways to deal with their demons.

Depression is a killer, some can never crawl out of it, and some try to find other ways to help cope with that. When you think of Mac Miller and overdosing, do not think he was a druggie or an idiot for his actions, think about if it was you in that situation and then talk to me. Yes it was a bad decision to start using drugs, but that does not make him a bad person.

Mac has helped many with his music, especially me. When it came to bad times, Mac was one of the first musicians I thought of listening to. When it came to just wanting to cheer my mood up, Mac was the one I’d listen to. You might think “why does it matter to you this much?” Sometimes, even the people that you have never met can help make a positive impact on your life, and that’s exactly what Mac Miller did.

On and On and Beyond, Blue Slide Park, Best Day Ever, K.I.D.S, GO:OD AM, The Divine Feminine, Swimming, and more, Mac was always a top notch musician, dedicating his time and effort to his music, putting his all into every song. It’s days like this that made Mac so good to listen to, and what made him so special. This is a huge loss to the music world. I have a loss for words and truly do not know what to think. The one thing I do know is that I will dearly miss Mac Miller, his music, creativity, and his beautiful gift, having the ability to positively affect people through his music.

To a beautiful soul, a one of a kind, a genuine human, a loved one, and the most dope, here’s to you Mac. Rest in Peace.

“No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile.”-Mac Miller

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