This Political Sports Era NEEDS To End

It seems like sports and politics keep coming up in the same sentence on a regular basis. There is a reason why we have sports; it is to enjoy watching terrific athletes, show off all the hard work they have put in their whole lives. Sports is also a getaway for many people; it is a time to sit back and relax, crack open some beers with friends and family, not to talk damn politics. This has to end.

I am so sick of hearing politics every single day in the sports world. I turn on the tv or go on social media to see the latest highlights and stats, not to see the damn President of the United States fighting over some petty bullshit with Lavar Ball. There is a reason why there is ESPN, to watch damn sports, not to argue over the state of the damn country, if you want to argue about how messed up the country is right now, go take your complaints and takes to CNN or Fox, not a SPORTS channel.

I think it is great that NFL players are using their┬áposition to make a statement, and yes, I understand why they do it during the national anthem, because everyone’s attention is on it, but it just truly has to end. I’m not saying it has to only end in the NFL, but EVERYWHERE in SPORTS. State your opinion, state why you’re so upset and why you think there should be a change, but not every single day.

I am not against talking politics, but I am against people putting sports and politics together. This is like in high school when I learned about the separation of Church and State. They are two different areas of work and interest, so please, politics, keep to yourself, and sports can stick to damn sports.

I’m trying to sit back and watch amazing athletes play, not to talk politics. And if they want to talk politics, they can go on a talk show. I understand what is going on in this country and how superstar athletes can make a difference by voicing their opinions, but I am just so tired of hearing it every game day.




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  1. I understand where you are coming from, but politics are part of life. Politics affect every part of our life, so of course its going to get into sports too. All the athletes, coaches, fans, announcers, etc. are affected by politics. Laws (or lack of them) can shape the way society lives and grows. It makes sense to want an out from the serious matters of the world, but it doesn’t work that way. Running from problems gets you nowhere. Until we live in a utopia, sports can not be separated from sports.

    1. Yes I get what you are saying but when its in the middle of a game and I hear something about politics, it annoys me, I am trying to watch sports, not listen to politics, it is an everyday thing now.

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