Time for the Pats to Unleash Josh Gordon

Since Josh Gordon has joined the New England Patriots, there has been nothing but speculation around the league in regards to what this will do for the offense and Tom Brady.

In his first game, where he just saw two targets and played 18 snaps, he made two catches crucial first downs. This shows that Brady already has faith in him and has no issue throwing him the ball when he needs to.  

In both of his games, Gordon has seen an increase in targets and snaps. Last week, he didn’t post a huge stat line (two catches on four targets) but was still a factor by catching a 32-yard touchdown while being double covered in the end zone. Not only did Brady acknowledge how great of a catch the touchdown was but he also mentioned how much he trusts him even though he has only been here for a short amount of time.

While I think the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes will finally come back to Earth after this week, I still believe this game will be a shootout that will come down to the wire. With the Chiefs defense ranking at the bottom of the league in almost every category, look for Gordon to see an increase in targets and overall production.

Josh Gordon is also a physical specimen (6’3″ 225 lbs), making him a matchup nightmare for any of the Chiefs small corners and safeties. Look for Belichick and McDaniels to use that size mismatch to their advantage. Like I said, his snap count has been growing slowly, so if he is to see about 25-35 snaps, I can see him getting the ball while also being a useful decoy to open up the field. 

Gordon’s final stat line against the Chiefs: 5 catches, 80 yards, 1 TD.

Photo:  The Sports Post


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