Tom Brady is the NFL’s MVP – It’s Not Even Close

Bias aside, there’s no argument, there’s no discussion: Tom Brady is the league’s MVP. I am here to tell you why Brady is the MVP and more importantly to shut up Eagles and Saints fans arguing for Carson Wentz and Drew Brees.

At age 40, Tom Brady is leading the league in passing yards, passer rating, fewest interceptions, yards per attempt, yards per game, completions and interception percentage. He is second and third in just about every other statistical category left in touchdowns and completion percentage.

Sure, there are some other quarterbacks having good years like Drew Brees and Carson Wentz, however, in Wentz’s case, he would be the MVP if the award was given to the quarterback with the best record and decent stats. Note to Eagles fans, that’s not what the MVP is but I’ll put the Brady-Wentz comparisons in here anyway:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 9.42.00 AM


Last I checked, the league’s MVP wasn’t given to a player solely based on who has the most touchdowns, it is given to the player who demonstrates the most value to his team, and with the Patriots losing Julian Edelman before the year and dealing with injuries from Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan, Brady has shown that this hasn’t stopped him.

Drew Brees name has been thrown into the mix as well after his team rattled off eight straight wins before falling to the Rams yesterday. Sure, Brees is having a good year, definitely better than 2016, however, the teams run game and resurgence of its defense has really anchored Brees’ Saints.

Is there a chance Brady won’t win it? Sure. Even without Aaron Rodgers playing, if the league is still bitter about his dominance and want a great story, then yeah, he’ll probably be screwed out of the award, however, I just don’t see any legitimate¬†argument for him not being MVP.


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