There’s a Reason Tom Brady Isn’t Focused on Alex Reimer’s Comment

When WEEI’s Alex Reimer made an absolutely unnecessary and classless comment about Tom Brady’s daughter’s audio cameo in episode one of Tom vs. Time, Boston fans waited eagerly to hear Brady’s response.

Brady cut his weekly interview with the radio station short, and said that he would reevaluate whether or not he’d be making future appearances on Reimer’s show. The network released a statement apologizing profusely to Brady and his family, and said that Reimer had been suspended ‘indefinitely,’ which is usually industry-speak for ‘we’re figuring out how to fire him gracefully.’ But then, Brady said that he did not think that Reimer should be fired for his comments, saying, “we all have careers and we all make mistakes.”

Of course, Brady is completely justified in his upset; his daughter is only five years old, and didn’t choose to be born into her famous family. And picking on the children of anyone, politicians, celebrities, athletes, it’s never okay. But Tom Brady is also in a class of his own when it comes to his skill on the field and his portrayal in the media. Anything he says will be dissected, analyzed, criticized, and blown way out of proportion.

My take? He’s choosing the high road, but not because of Reimer. I think Brady is going to channel his fatherly protectiveness and anger at Reimer into absolutely decimating the Eagles on Sunday. Why waste that next-level rage on a media moron when it can fuel a 6th ring instead? If you need proof that I’m right, look no further than last year’s Super Bowl, a giant ‘Fuck You’ to Goodell and every idiot who called him a washed-up cheater. Tom Brady has bigger fish to fry this week, or rather, birds.

In conclusion, if Tom Brady does what TB12 does best this weekend, Alex Reimer will have a lot more to worry about than WEEI and the best QB in the game; Philadelphia will be coming for him.



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