Tom vs Time: Episode 3, The Social Game, The Best One Yet

Episode 3 of Tom vs Time is the best one yet. This episode is what we have been waiting for. We knew we would get TB12 stuff, we knew we would get the football side of it all, but what we all really wanted was to see Tom Brady uncensored.

In this episode of Tom vs time, Tom hits the “Yellowstone Club” with some friends that included Danny Amendola, and Julian Edelman. The men had their chance to act like boys after getting some work in on the field. We get to see Tom Brady act like a human. It’s true, we see this image of Brady in the public eye where he is matter of fact, clean cut, and checking every word he says. In this episode, we hear Brady drop some A+ language, along with doing things that look actually fun instead of being locked in a dark room watching film for hours.

The Social Game is a great episode. Seeing the side of Tom Brady that makes him who he is, is what we all wanted. Don’t get me wrong, seeing him work at football and watching his drive for success is amazing; there’s just something about being able to see him act like the rest of us that makes this episode that much better.

We get a chance to look at the side of Brady that isn’t football. Dumping on Julian Edelman for his naked ESPN body issue pics, this is the side we want to see. We get to see him with his friends, in situations where he can be a regular dude… throwing rocks off mountains and shit.IMG_2547.PNGIMG_2548.PNG

This is such a dude thing its not even funny. There’s just something about throwing heavy objects and watching them explode.

The guys went golfing, and even took a few ATVs out and ripped up the wilderness for a bit.IMG_2544.PNG

Scenes like Julian Edelman walking in, out of nowhere, to Tom’s place out in Montana is great. Hearing him bitch about how he doesn’t want to do TB12 stuff because he wants to just get shredded is hysterical.IMG_2549.PNGIMG_2550.PNG


Like usual, I want to keep the review short so you guys can watch the video after. So I will end with this: This is the best episode yet, it showed us the truly human side of Tom Brady.

And the episode couldn’t have ended better… heading into the bye week holding his daughter Vivian. You know, the 5 year old innocent little girl that Alex Reimer said was an “annoying little pissant” for saying, “Daddy, I’m going to soccer.”

I hope Reimer watches and sees this image in his head every time he gets denied from on air work. Im so happy the episode ended with this. It was filmed months ago, and couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time.IMG_2553.PNG



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