Trevor Bates Arrested For Doing Florida Shit In NYC

The great white north received terrible news Saturday. Maine’s beloved Trevor Bates was arrested in New York City for doing some crazy shit. For those of you from an actual state, Trevor Bates is a special teams linebacker for the Detroit Lions. He has 3 career tackles in 10 career games since 2016. But this is Maine and he’s in the NFL, so he got to be our hero.

But probably not anymore. Bates is likely to be released when he is released from the hospital for his psych evaluation (which probably isn’t a great sign).

So what happened? Why did Bates get arrested?

Well it all started when he decided to skip his $32 cab fare outside of a Hampton Inn in Queens. Lots to unpack already. It’s 2019 and my mans is still taking cabs. Brah, get an Uber and you don’t even need to deal with a fare. Second, how broke is Trevor right now? Skipping out on $32? Staying at a Hampton Inn? Dude, you’re in the NFL. Bad look for Maine already.

Trevor was promptly arrested for his heinous crime and brought to the NYPD’s 115th precinct. It was $32 so probably nothing serious was going to come of it. A hefty fine and a slap on the wrist seems like the most serious outcome. Honestly, that sounds pretty ok to me. But not to Trevor!

Trevor would not stand for this apparent injustice. So Trevor does some mild Florida shit and punches a fucking police Sargeant in the fucking face in the middle of a fucking precinct. Probably a bad call there Trev. Can’t be punching cops. They don’t like it. Oh, and they have tasers.

Apparently, that ain’t no problem for ole’ Trevor Bates though, because he upgraded to full Florida and RIPPED THE TASER PRONGS OUT OF HIS BODY and continued to act erratically throughout the precinct.

Bates has clearly been studying film of this notorious Florida man:

The police described Bate’s actions like that “of a wild animal” which seems a little harsh. I have yet to see a bear pull taser prongs out of itself. That’s a pretty nifty trick if you ask me. I’m sure it’s a hoot at parties and it’s as good of a way to end the NFL career of Maine’s best football player.

When asked why he punched the officer in the face, Bates simply said he “didn’t like the people in the room.” Honestly, that’s a badass answer but know your audience man. The whole ordeal led to charges for second-degree assault against an officer (a felony), obstructing government administration, theft of services, and resisting arrest. Honestly, that’s an impressive laundry list for $32.

I can’t say I’m surprised though. I’ve always said Maine is just Cold Florida.

Photo: Trevor Bates


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