Trout Gets Paid, Harper’s Deal Blown Away, Market for Mookie Set

Breaking news on this Tuesday morning: The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have locked up their superstar center fielder for an additional 12 years. How much will it cost them? Oh you know, just north of $430 million dollars. Ironic how the Halos waited just over two weeks for the Bryce Harper noise to die down to announce that their superstar is worth an extra $100 million. Scott Boras has to be FUMING right now, because not only does Trout’s deal blow Harper’s out of the water, but the annual value is also about an extra 5 million, being that Trout signed for one year less than Harper did with Philly. All kidding aside, Trout is a FAR better player than Harper all-around, and there is no man more deserving of a contract this big. Wellllll, aside from maybe ONE guy….

Now that we know what Mike Trout is worth to the Los Angeles Angels, the market has been set and it is now up to the Red Sox to show how much Mookie Betts is worth to Boston.

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Keep in mind, Trout, 27, is one year older and has proved himself in the MLB longer than Mookie, 26, has. However, it is quite obvious that Mookie Betts is not a fluke, and is  definitely no one-hit-wonder. Assuming Betts continues at this pace he’s on, if not exceeding it, he could catch up to Trout’s MVP caliber-every-year stats sooner rather than later. The question is will the Red Sox take the gamble on him and open their check books? The answer should be an obvious ‘YES!’

My prediction in length is something similar to the deals we’ve seen with both Harper and Trout, in the 12-13 year range, for probably around $420 million, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something along the lines of 10 years, $400 million to increase the annual value. As much as I believe Mookie Betts is the best player in baseball, most would tend to choose Trout over him. And with good reason, I’m just bias to the Boston guy. But I do hope Dave Dombrowski is smart enough to make his offer something that makes Betts feel like Boston wants him to never play for another team again.

Nonetheless, the ball is in the Red Sox court now, and they better do everything humanly possible to ensure they keep Betts in Boston for the rest of his Major League career.

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