Tulane vs Houston Might Have Been the Wildest End to a Football Game Ever, and Nobody was Watching

 College football is just a different animal. 

Who would’ve guessed that Tulane vs Houston on a Thursday night in September would be one of the craziest endings to a football game we’ve ever seen?

While all you suckers were watching an absolute clunker of a TNF matchup of Jags vs Titan  (boy that sounds like a true thriller), us true intellectuals were witnessing one of the most remarkable football games you will ever see. 

This game had it all:

-D’eriq King breaking Tim Tebow’s record for most consecutive games with a passing and rushing score

-This Cougar’s lineman dancing his heart out

 -Pat fucking McAfee on commentary

Oh, and just one of the balliest late-game play calls of all time after overcoming a 21 point deficit. That too.

With 15 seconds left on the game clock in a tie game, everyone and their mother assumed that the Tulane Green Wave (DUMB name) were going to kneel down and play for overtime. They were riding high after overcoming a 21 point deficit and people, myself included, believed playing safe and wanting to try and win the game in OT was the right call. Tulane’s head coach Willie Fritz said, “Fuck that shit, we’ll beat em now” and called a fake kneel. 

Now, I understand that everyone loves sucking Dan Marino and Ben Rothelesberger’s dicks when they each pulled off the fake spike, but this is something in a whole different stratosphere. I like to think I’ve seen a lot of college football, I have NEVER seen someone try to pull this off in a critical situation like this. My jaw was Embedded six inches into the floor. I was beyond shocked. 

Which makes what came next even better. 

On the very next snap, Tulane QB Justin McMillan unloads a strike down the middle of the field to WR Jalen McCleskey who, thanks to some of the most woeful tackling you will ever see on behalf of the Houston secondary, breaks free, scores on the 53 yard pass and catch, and puts Tulane up by a tuddy with 3 seconds remaining. Pat McAfee maniacally laughing as this madness unfolding in front of his eyes is maybe the most relatable moment in the history of sports.

This was one of the wildest finishes to a football game I have ever seen. I frequently say that the UCF vs USF ‘War on I-4’ game from 2017 is one of the best final 3 minutes you will ever see, and I would also mention the Ravens and Vikings combining to score 36 points in the final 2 minutes back in 2013, but this was just peak college football. 

Houston v Tulane. We’ll look back on this showdown as maybe the best football game of 2019.

I hope that coach Fritz’s feet never hit the ground again.

Photo: ESPN


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