Two new contenders for “Horniest Mom of the Year” have emerged

Listen, before we start, moms need love too. I’m not here to shame this women for wanting a sugar daddy. Go get that bread, boo. 

BUT, with that being said, we may have found the two horniest women in the history of the world.

Let’s start north of the border. At last night’s Raptors game, a little kid was spotted with a sign saying “Pascal, Will you date my mom?”

He got on the jumbotron, he freaked out, the mom laughed, all’s well that ends well. But, conspiracy theorist Owen saw this story and immediately smelled that something was wrong. The mom is the one to point out to her son that he’s on the video board, at the end of the clip she is putting her hands to her face in an obvious blowing a kiss motion. In other words, She definitely put her son up to it. She wants to have sex with Pascal Siakim and is simply using her son as an excuse to ask. Just hold your own sign mom saying “Pascal, I would”. The world would respect you more. 

Another contender for horny mom of the year goes to Megan Mullen, boy oh boy isnt this shit weird. 

So, apparently, Florida head football coach Dan Mullen’s wife, Megan, kisses every single Gator player on the cheek before each game. What in the world is going on in Gainesville? I have SO many questions. How has this gone unnoticed for so many years? Why does she kiss them on the cheek? Is it a southern thing? Why is Dan Mullen okay with it? Does she kiss everyone on the team or only the starters? When did it start? Do the players reciprocate with a kiss of their own? Is Dan Mullen shit at sex an this is Megan Mullen trying to seduce one of the players? HAS she ever seduced one of the players? What the hell is going on?

These two women deserve to be in the horny mom hall of fame. They are kings of the sport, titans of the industry, and model citizens for horny moms everywhere. 

Photos via Shadow League and Bleacher report


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