Views of the NFL from the 603: Week 14

As I wrote this, the score was 27-10 late in the 3rd quarter, and the Dolphins were looking like the greatest show on turf. Cutler was making plays, Landry was unstoppable, and Drake doing spin moves like it was Madden 2006. The injuries on defense looked like they were taking their toll, but what was surprising was how bad the offense looked.

Playing in Miami is always an issue, but usually for those afternoon games, so the weather is not an excuse; the team just flat out got worked. The good thing is that next week Steelers vs. Patriots will be critical as a win would still put the Pats in the driver seat for home-field advantage.

Around the AFC, the Chiefs finally got a win and the Chargers continue to roll as they have a big matchup this Saturday, which might decide the AFC West. The game that is flying under the radar is the Jaguars vs. Seahawks game that game had everything you want in a game. Also, some fan almost got killed. If the player on the Seahawks had climbed over the rail, it would’ve been a bloodbath.

In the NFC, the Eagles were dealt a major blow losing Carson Wentz. I didn’t believe in the Eagles, but losing a young stud like that is always a blow to the league. With Aaron Rodgers coming back this week to play the Panthers, the NFC race will feel like a playoff week for the next few weeks.

PS: Next week will be epic. I will be at the game, and I will not be an idiot and throw a beer on the field. They are expensive as fuck; I’ll drink that beer down.


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