Vlad Guerrero Jr: The Most Hyped Prospect Ever Who Let Us All Down

 I am outraged.

We have all been duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled, and straight up lied to.

For the past two years, all the buzz has been how Vladimir Guerrero Jr was the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. “He’s the greatest prospect since Miguel Cabrera”, “He’s better at his age than Bryce Harper was”, “He could be even better than Vlad Sr.”.

Well, how the tables have turned.

After being shown constant footage of Guerrero murdering minor league pitching, he finally made his Major League debut on Friday night. His pregame warmups were covered non-stop by MLB Network, which included this monster shot during his batting practice. 

An innocuous late April game between a shitty Blue Jays team and a struggling A’s squad was given national coverage strictly to see the next big thing get his first taste of the big leagues. He started his career off well enough by walking out to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” (Pro move right there), and stepped in for his first at-bat.

Expectations were higher than high. Was he going to hit a titanic blast off the hotel in centerfield? Or perhaps a Giancarlo Stanton-esc line drive homer? Or maybe just a frozen rope single back up the middle?

No. None of that.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? A groundout to the first baseman?!?!?!?! Against Mike Fiers????

This is your king? This is supposed to be the greatest prospect we’ve ever seen? Hogwash, I say! Guerrero was hitting .367 and slugging .700 in Triple-A, and the best he can muster in his first two big league games is going 2 for 7 with a double? Bryce Harper went 2 for 6 with a double AND an RBI in his first two big league games.

Where does the baseball world find the nerve, the BALLS, to call Vlad Guerrero Jr the greatest prospect of the last twenty years when he can’t even top 19-year-old Bryce Harper’s numbers?

I hate to be so quick to judge, but we may have another Jesus Montero or Dustin Ackley on our hands. We were promised fireworks, and we all we got were those things that you throw at the ground and go ~puff~.

Well, since it might end up being his defining moment, here’s Vlad Guerrero Jr’s first career hit. Hold it close, as a reminder for what could’ve been.

Also, here are the mythical feats that made the world so excited for his debut

What could’ve been.

Photo by Nick Turchiaro/ Getty Images


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