Warriors In 6

With all the hype around Lebron James’s unbelievable playoff performances, I think we have all forgotten that he will be facing the best roster in NBA history this Thursday. This team of course being the Golden State Warriors. There is literally no team that has the roster to stop the Warriors from getting another ring. Obviously if any team could prevent the Warriors from a championship it would be Lebron and the Cavs. Or should I say Kyrie and the Cavs. Kyrie is clearly riding a hot streak coming off a very impressive series vs the Celtics. Kevin love also turned into a god, and was somehow able to average 23 and 12 vs the Celtics. Love is the X factor for the Cavs and without him I see the Celtics winning at least one more game in that series (this is wishful thinking from a Celtics fan).

Although, Steph Curry hasn’t had the strongest finals the past two years I expect him to tear it up this finals. With the addition of Kevin Durant, (softest move in NBA history) it opens up the floor for shooters like Curry to get the open looks they need to get their rhythm going. Once Curry is hot he is HOT. Kyrie of course will have an unreal post season doing what he does best, hitting clutch shots for Lebron when Lebron is too much of a bitch to do it himself. Lebron has bitched the Celtics for the past five years, so I have a reason to hate him. But despite me being a Lebron hater tell me that isn’t true. Lebron relies on his other teammates to hit big shots, and then takes all the credit. What a douche.

Now getting back to the match ups, let’s look at Lebron and Durant. I CANNOT wait for this match up. I’m literally losing sleep at night thinking about another Durant vs Lebron finals match up. This time I Cant wait for Durant to laugh in his face while he drops 35 and 15 on his ass. Yes I understand that Durant is a huge pussy for going to the Warriors but honestly there is no one I hate more on earth than Lebron James. There is a lot of pressure on Durant this finals and if he doesn’t win he could possibly be the biggest choke artist of all time. But then again, I think there is 0% chance that the Cavs can come out of the series with a ring, or even force a game 7. Durant and Lebron will of course battle,but at the end of the day I think Durant has way more help to dominate this series and the best player in the world.

Where is Klay Thompsan???? Seriously that man is very lost and someone needs to find him. Despite most people looking at this as a negative, I like to look at the positive side. The Warriors HAVEN’T lost a game in the post season despite Klay Thompsan not performing anywhere near his all star self. As embarrassing as this is for Klay it should make Warriors fans that much more confident going into Thursday night. Klay will find his way out of his slump, and will no longer be outplayed by Ian Clark. If Klay can play like Klay this series I wouldn’t be afraid to bet the Warriors take this series in five. Yes I said it FIVE.

Oh and Draymond will be Draymond, he’ll make hustle plays, play physical, and kick people in the balls. That’s pretty much all he does anyways right?

There is my prediction, Lebron will lose another finals and become 3-5 in the finals, and people will slowly realize he will never touch Jordan.





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