WATCH this little league umpire just walk off the field after one of the most savage chirps you will ever hear

Let me start off by saying little league umpires might have one of the worst jobs in the world. You have to pretend to be invested and paying attention to every pitch while some 10-year old is on the mound throwing 45 mph not even getting close to the strike zone, all while being yelled at by angry parents, hardo coaches, and rat shit kids. I really do have a great deal of sympathy for little league umps. 

Now, with that being said, you have to take all that verbal abuse from the fans, players, and coaches on the chin. Whether it’s in the pro’s or tee-ball, once you engage with the opposition you’ve already lost, especially the fans. Remember when ‘Balkin’ Bob Davidson ejected fans not once, but twice ?? He was chirped relentlessly for it. How about when MLB umpires decided to “take a stand against escalating verbal attacks” by wearing white armbands in protest after Ian Kinsler shit all over Angel Hernandez’ life? That was basically admitting to the players across the league that “Hey Everyone, We have SUPER thin skin and are really easy to get sensitive.” Fans dumped all over guys like Hernandez and cowboy Joe West because they were acting like bitches for even speaking up. The long of the short of it is that the masses will swarm when like a pack of sharks when they sense blood in the water.

Which leads us this poor bastard. 

Unfortunately, the video of this altercation doesn’t show the build-up to the confrontation of the fan(s) behind home plate, but I can guarantee you that this ump was hearing it all day from some jacked-up dad all game and finally told him to take a chill pill. That’s when the crowd began to sense fear: “It’s just a baseball game” and “stay professional” can be heard from the video as blue makes his way back to his position behind home plate. That’s when the kill shot came. 


You wanna talk about one of the most needlessly aggressive and downright mean chirps that you can lobby at another human being, this is up there. The bagel boss guy WISHES he was hit with as rude of a shot as this guy was. 

The ump responded in the only way possible in that situation: He fucking left. Yup instead of standing and basking in the laughter of those miserable parents and finishing out the game in shame, he chose public seppuku. He discarded his game balls, went through that stupid ass gate, walked past his hecklers who were in arms reach of him, and trudged back to his car. 

While I love the knee-jerk reaction of “Fuck this shit, you people do it better”, this ump either has to get in his car and drive straight to Alaska or straight to the nearest skyscraper and kill himself. This is a career-ending move, a social-life killer. He can never show his face in Anytown, USA ever again. He will forever be known as the umpire who walked off a little league field after being told he was shorter than the kids. While it might be funny to laugh at a laugh who essentially got bullied off the field by a bunch of upper middle class baseball moms, this is the end of this man’s life. 

I feel for you short umpire man, i feel for you.

Photo via @paulloduca16


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