WEEI Basically Thinks Kathy Griffin Did Nothing Wrong Because Repubs Say Mean Things

So we discussed pretty early on that we wouldn’t discuss politics on WTP sports. It’s not a place to do so and our readers don’t need that BS clogging up their timelines. Though this has to do with sports because WEEI covers sports so at least we can roast them on this one.

I’ll keep it short; WEEI posted this article essentially defending Kathy Griffin for the ISIS style beheading photo of the president of the United States. In the article it reads like some stupid idiot from Cambridge, Ma, was triggered because they think that it’s okay to do something like this, but not okay to say “lock her up”.

Again, not making this political, just using common sense to determine when someone screwed up. The same people calling for the Boston reporters job (you know, the one that made jokes about the dead kids from the Manchester bombing) are out defending Kathy Griffin because it would be against their political views to agree with anything that the opposing side finds to be unacceptable.

Seriously… if you defend what this skeleton looking woman did (and calling her a skeleton is definitely an insult to skeletons) then you’re just a donkey who is so high on their own farts and moral pedestal that they can’t tell what’s actually immoral.  The writer here goes all in saying that because some* Trump supporters have said mean things, it completely negates the entire nation from being upset with this moronic act.
The author wrote; “According to Trump family sources, 11-year-old Barron Trump thought the beheading was real. If true –– and there is an “if” here, considering the Trump family has a vested interest in exploiting this stunt –– Griffin should be ashamed.”

Really dog? Only if the son thought it was real then it’s an issue? So let me get this straight, we can say and do whatever we want as long as it’s perfectly clear that it’s fake? Okay just wait Til some white guy colors their face black and posts it online so that the writer of this absolutly moronic WEEI article can go and denounce them for doing anything like that…even if it was clearly fake.
Ya, I rest my case. WEEI should be just as ashamed as this writer should be for even posting this; but hey, views over morals right?

PS: reimer is the writer I think. But just because his views are totally skewed and he basically thinks like a classic mellenial liberal doesn’t mean he’s not a good guy. And I don’t even blame him for having an opinion, I blame WEEI for even letting it go. But anyway, Go listen to 2outs with Buck and reimer. Pretty good pod.



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