What a Debut for Bruins’ Frederic

On January 30, Boston Bruins forward Trent Frederic accomplished a few dreams of his.

For starters, he played in his first NHL game. Every kid playing hockey grows up dreaming about making the show and Frederic made that happen last night when he played in his first career NHL game.

Secondly, he did it with his parents in the stands. If you’re a hockey player, than you know the sacrifices they make by driving you to all of your games, waking up at the crack of dawn to go to a freezing rink, and paying the unbelievable amount of money that it costs to play their kids’ favorite sport.

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*Photo: Deadspin

With all of that, the best thing that Frederic accomplished last night was that he got to play on the same ice with his idol David Backes, his boyhood idol.

*Photo: Yahoo! Sports

In this photo, Frederic is just nine-years-old. This picture was taken just 12 years ago and last night, Fredric got to share the ice with a much older Backes.

How awesome this must have been for Frederic!

*Photo: Yahoo! Sports


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