What Should the Celtics Do with Terry Rozier this Season?

Nobody shined more in the playoffs last year more than Terry Rozier. With Kyrie going down before the playoffs, the Celtics needed someone to step up especially at the point guard position. Terry absolutely killed it series after series earning himself the nickname, “Scary Terry.” Entering his fourth season in the league, Rozier is another great player filled on a team with a star-studded roster. His stock has never been as high as it is now, but the question is, “What do the Celtics do with Terry Rozier?”

The obvious answer here is to try to keep him. Shocker I know, the idea of keeping good players? Wild. However, Rozier is a restricted free agent after this season and can test the market. If he continues his hot end to the season last year into this season, then teams could offer him more money than the Celtics could be willing to pay. Luckily, he and Ainge seem to have some pact that will keep Rozier in Boston. Throughout the beginning of his career, teams kept asking Ainge to trade them Rozier, but Danny Ainge refused time and time again.

Also, the Celtics and Rozier just began contract extension talks. Although the extension seems unlikely to happen, the fact that there are some talks shows that both sides want Rozier to stay in Boston. This whole situation comes down to money. Rozier is going to get offers this summer that is going to be very difficult to turn down. With Brown and Tatum’s contracts ending soon, Rozier might not be in the Celtic’s future plans strictly because of money reasons.

Should the Celtics trade Rozier this season then? That is the question that will be asked many times throughout this season, but there is no clear answer. If Kyrie is serious about staying in Boston for the next few years (which he seems to be) then all signs point to trading Terry. However, you really never know anything with Kyrie until pen is put to paper, so keeping Rozier is very valuable. Irving’s contract also ends this season, so he will obviously be paid. Smart was paid $52 million this past offseason so the cap took another hit. Where is Rozier’s money? What about Tatum and Brown’s?

I want Terry Rozier to stay in Boston just like many other Celtics fans. He proved to be one of the top 50 players in the league and arguably the best backup point guard in the league. Maybe even best bench player in the league. Let’s just sit back and be patient. Let Danny Ainge work his magic and see if Scary Terry can stay in Boston.

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