What Trading Alex Smith Means for Kansas City

Call it an easy schedule, call it easy offensive schemes, call it whatever you want; the stats don’t lie. Alex Smith had a good season. Breaking 4000 yards passing with only 5 INTS and having the highest QBR rating in the league isn’t an easy feat. He and an offense led by Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce took the Chiefs to the top of the AFC West for the 2nd year in a row.

Now, being a Chiefs fan has been relatively easy for a few seasons. We’ve made the playoffs the past three seasons behind Alex Smith’s albeit safe, but consistent play. He’s grown as a favorite in Missouri because of how far he’s taken this otherwise mediocre team. He’s never been a stat buster, but he wins games. He’s in my opinion the most consistent QB behind only Brady in the NFL.

About an hour prior to writing this, news broke that Smith is being traded to the Redskins. Details are stiff right now, but it’s believed to be for a pick and a player.  That leaves Patrick Mahomes II as the starter for KC, heading a stacked offense. I don’t necessarily think that this trade is a bad thing, but I have some concerns. First off, Mahomes DID play preseason this season, but only started one regular season game against a depleted Broncos team.  He put up good numbers, but I don’t think he’s nearly ready to start a full season.

Alex Smith has pretty good trade value as of right now on account of how great he did this season, but it leaves the Chiefs in a tough spot. Andy Reid spent years building this team around Smith, and now it has to be reconfigured. Given, Smith was going to get 16 million if he hadn’t been traded, so this DOES give the Chiefs some breathing room in the salary area.

Overall, I feel like Alex Smith should’ve been kept by Kansas City. He has proven himself to be a great game and team manager, and he put up respectable numbers while in Kansas City. But alas, all good things must come to an end. The Smith Era is over with the Chiefs.


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